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Short biography of Friedrich Weinreb

PROFESSOR FRIEDRICH WEINREB was born in 1910 at Lemberg, formerly in Austria. Educated in Holland, he studied economics and statistics in Rotterdam and Vienna, and did Research work at the Netherlands Economic Institute in Rotterdam (1932-42).

He worked with the Resistance during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. He was also Full Professor at the Djakarta and Ankara Universities, and was Expert at the International Labour Office and at the Economic Committee for Europe at the United Nations in Genera, (1952-64).

He has had various books published on Mathematics and Economics, from 1963 mainly on Jewish Mysticism, emanating from his Chassidic background. Lecturer at the Academy of the Hebrew Language and Bible in Amsterdam and, after having moved to Zurich in 1973, also at the Swiss Academy for Studies of Foundations. The most important of his 60 (approx) books published partly in Dutch, partly in German are: The Divine Plan of the World (in English, Roots of the Bible). The Scroll of Esther, the Book Jonah, Dreamlife (in four volumes). The Legend of the Two Trees, Astrology in Jewish Mysticism.

Life on this World and Hereafter, Reflections on Death and Life, the Jewish Eastermeal and What there is Told about Redemption, the Biblical Calendar and Chassidic Tales (in 3 ½ volumes). What Means Praying and Memories (1910-1980) (in four volumes).

Friedrich Weinreb has profound knowledge of Jewry and its manifold aspects and features; and lives his life according to the Chassidic way. Many of his books, writings and CDs of his lectures on the concealed and forgotten side of life indicate how deeply he has delved into life’s mysteries.